TRU Coverage

Managing work for multiple depots can be challenging, especially if the daily geographic work distribution is unpredictable. TRU Coverage allows you to strategically model work distribution and provides the option of more flexible depot boundaries, giving an additional layer of optimisation above and beyond traditional routing and scheduling solutions.

By using the TRU Connect module, it is possible to incorporate additional 3rd party business streams into your transport operation, without the need for multiple bespoke interface implementations, saving you both time and money.

Alternatively you can integrate your own business with 3rd parties to streamline out-sourced areas of the business, taking advantage of 3rd party carrier services to augment your existing transport operation, while still maintaining visibility of your supply chain.

By using our TRU Platform you also gain access to integrated Reporting and Visibility tools via our dedicated Reporting and Dashboard modules. Providing enhanced visibility of data and 3rd party compliance.

Key Features

  • Beyond transport management systems
  • Flexible boundaries providing further optimisation
  • Incorporate 3rd party business streams
  • Improve carrier visibility
  • Allocate your orders to your own fleet or a third party provider
  • Re-balance fleet operations
  • "What if" own fleet or / and third party fleets
  • Load Matching
  • Designed to work with Roadnet or other third party route planning tools

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