Territory Planner

Omnitracs Roadnet Territory Planner lets fleets strategically prepare optimal territories and routes by incorporating “what if” scenarios. Historical data, including delivery days, open/close times, preferred delivery times, volume, and geographic location is used to create optimised and balanced territories, routes, and stop sequences — all within an easy-to-use interface that allows re-routes to occur when needed. Transportation managers can’t seem to keep their heads above water by simply maintaining deliveries for today and tomorrow. Additional customers are added to already full routes, maxing out both driver and vehicle resources.

Those managing a transport based logistics operation need to always plan for what may lay ahead. Simply maintaining deliveries for the short term is not enough to keep operations running smoothly. Various factors including seasonal volume hikes, rising fuel costs, long term traffic issues (rush hours) or even the addition of new customers to a route can often impact on a logistics operation where immediate action needs to be taken. By implementing strategic logistics planning software such as Territory Planner, enterprises will be able to respond to these scenarios quickly and efficiently and at minimum cost.

Historical data including; open and close times, delivery days, geographic location, preferred delivery times and volume is used to create optimised territories and route sequences.

As an enterprise or stand-alone software application, Territory Planner’s robust capabilities and advanced routing algorithms deliver the functionality you need to take on even the most complex re-routing analyses. Although it can function as a stand-alone solution, Territory Planner shares all of your customer information with other Omnitracs Roadnet. Transportation Suite applications such as Omnitracs Roadnet and MobileCast, all without the need for data re-entry.

With its comprehensive, pre-emptive approach to planning and balancing your entire customer network, Territory Planner offers a powerful, strategic tool for managing service, route-sales, pre-sales, merchandisers and standard route operations.

Key Features

  • User defined optimal route sequences by adhering to open/close times and time windows
  • Balance workloads to create equal sales territories and deliveries
  • You can quickly assess the addition of new customers. You will be able to determine whether your existing fleet is sufficient or if you need more vehicles.
  • You can plan for seasonal fluctuations or other what-if scenarios. Create new routes & territories quickly to analyse volume fluctuations, then save for future use.
  • Determine the profitability of each delivery stop by knowing the actual cost per stop.
  • Analyse and report on a multitude of management areas to help you improve the plan.
  • Serve as a depot-planning tool
  • Maximise oversight and evaluation
  • Optimize all existing delivery, service, and sales routes

Optimise routes whilst balancing both profitability and customer requirements using territory planning software. Intelligent route plans will quickly maximise the investment in your fleet.

  • Balance Delivery and Sales Territories
  • Optimise route Sequencing
  • Costs Per Stop
  • Reduction in miles driven
  • Reconfigure Territories and routes for Seasonal Changes
  • Strategic re-routes
  • Add New Customers Without Adding Vehicles
  • Management Reports

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