Loading for Ideal Vehicle Utilisation

Omnitracs Roadnet FleetLoader analyses and optimises loading of both bay and bulk beverage vehicles.

An efficient truckload calculator can evaluate multiple loading methods to meet the needs of all delivery types and warehouse requirements. FleetLoader makes the easy pick-up, loading, and check out possible.

Getting vehicles loaded and on the road can be complicated. Consideration has to be given to bulk orders vs bay loads, out-of-service vehicles, dozens or even hundreds of SKUs, vehicle capacity limits, stacking restrictions, and more under tight time constraints. Even after loading, there is no guarantee that the load won’t need to be adjusted before it heads out the door.

Taking stock of all of these details, ensuring warehouse pickers have the right information, minimising breakage, and maximising efficiency is a challenge.

Different delivery operations require different loading strategies.

  • Warehouse-friendly technology allows for greater picking efficiencies by grouping SKUs.
  • Driver-friendly, the solution groups product by stop, minimising the number of bays a driver must visit at each stop.


Load orders to be picked, built, and pre-staged throughout the day, while allocating them to the correct route and truck during the final loading pass.

Most breakage occurs within the first ten minutes of a route due to poor packing.

FleetLoader’s loading algorithms allow for proper mixing and stacking of products which help to reduce breakage.

Key Features

  • Accurate and Quick Load Design for Multiple Route Types
  • Determine or assign equipment to warehouse bays with capacities, preferences, empty bays for returned goods
  • Decrease vehicle load/unload times
  • Multiple Loading Strategies
  • Reduce breakage
  • Accommodate growing numbers of SKU’s and package types
  • Pre-Build Orders
  • Generate Reports and Pick Sheets

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