Roadnet Info Center

Immediate access to historical information and real-time deliveries can boost the effectiveness of your fleet operation.

Customers will be satisfied that you can provide real-time delivery information in minutes and managers can get a quick overview of the routing day.

A statistical reporting tool for analysis of delivery / Collection day in real-time

We always say ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’.

With Roadnet Info Center you can gain immediate access to historical data to adjust plans while being able to respond to ‘where’s my delivery’ calls in real-time.

Roadnet Info Center records routes, deliveries, signatures, times and distances, building up a picture over time to show you what you’re doing right – and where things are going wrong.

Enquiries about what happened on a specific day or a particular route in the past can quickly be answered.

Statistics can be compiled showing the whole picture in many formats, making this the ideal fleet management tool for transport managers, customer services staff and directors.

Key Features

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Visibility of vehicles current location in comparison to desired location
  • Historical and real-time route information
  • View planned delivery schedules for any day
  • Management by exception
  • Complete visibility of projected arrival times, late and missed slots
  • Customer delivery analysis
  • Enables constant analysis of customer service
  • Increased and proactive customer service

Roadnet Info Center – used in conjunction with Roadnet, Roadnet Dispatch and TRU Mobile – enables you to tell the customer about a problem before the customer tells you.

So, not only can you deal with issues as they occur, but you can see where things are going wrong and prevent future mishaps.

Functionality within Roadnet Info Center ensures:

  • Instant Data Means Instant Action
  • Historical and Real-Time Route Information
  • Customer Delivery Analysis
  • Manage by Exception
  • Greener, More Efficient Operation

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