Transport Management System

TRU Platform

Our innovative transport management system "TRU Platform" is designed to help companies plan, manage transport operations that drive business growth and service.

Optimise delivery schedules and track orders through to final delivery and Invoicing. TRU Platform also is a business analytics tool that transforms transportation data into meaningful views of order/fleet performance.

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TRU Connect

Integration is the key to clean seamless data movement between business systems.

In the past Transportation Platforms have often been implemented via a cumbersome combination of text file and manual operational processes, or complex inflexible API’s that can be expensive to build and maintain.

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TRU Cloud

The right place in the cloud to run your Transportation Optimisation.

TMS made easy: the transportation management system combining cloud, mobile and social technologies for complete TMS capabilities.

TRU Cloud Brings Same-Day, Rapid-Deployment Transportation and Logistics Management.

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Daily Planning


Omnitracs Roadnet, a tactical daily routing tool, allows you optimise routes and balance profitability with customer requirements. Using advanced industry algorithms and custom routing passes, fleets can create multiple intelligent route plans faster, maximising the investment in your fleet.

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Clients benefit from decreased loading time while loading more with less manpower. With Omnitracs' truck loading software, you can make better use of warehouse space and streamline loading operations. After all, a loading plan is useless without quick execution and minimum breakage. Maximise efficiency and boost your fleet management system with our truck load calculator.

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Strategic Planning

TRU Coverage

TRU Coverage allows you to strategically model work distribution, with your fleet and outsourced fleet, plus enables depot boundaries to become more flexible.

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Territory Planner

Omnitracs Roadnet Territory Planner lets fleets strategically prepare optimal territories and routes by incorporating “what if” scenarios.

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Home Delivery Software

Roadnet Scheduler

This add-on to Omnitracs Roadnet’s route planning software has the intelligence to present available windows to each customer throughout the order period and up until the time window is filled to capacity. It even provides data based upon costs to allow for the configuration of discounts or other incentives to encourage customers to choose windows that optimise the route.

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TRU Mobile

Whether you’re using TRU Platform or a 3rd party solution, TRU Mobile provides a fast and secure mobile platform for your business.
The TRU Mobile workflow application integrates your drivers’ mobile devices directly to your Transport solution, giving your transport department visibility of your drivers’ working day and your drivers visibility of any changes.

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Roadnet MobileCast provides fleets the opportunity to see routes in real time with GPS tracking, managing by exceptions, and ensuring that the fleet’s plan is the reality. You’ve carefully crafted an optimised route plan, but what good is a great plan without great execution? Don’t merely guess that your plan is going off without a hitch — know with real-time visibility into your delivery day, including proof of delivery.

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TRU Analytics

Analyse your live data with TRU Analytics, using our proprietary data visualisation engine. There is no need to wait for data synchronisation or install 3rd party plugins, simply analyse your live and historical data via our secure web portal. Using our fully customisable layout engine you can see your data the way you want.

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Roadnet Insight

Omnitracs Roadnet Insight is a cloud-based business analytics tool that transforms transportation data into meaningful views of fleet performance. Enormous wells of data, deep data analysis, and predictive modelling will empower carriers to operate more safely, efficiently, and profitably. The right fleet management analytics software can turn this paradigm shift into your competitive advantage.

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Customer Experience

TRU View

Review your daily routes live via our secure web interface, without the need for traditional application installation.

With clear visibility of your mobile assets and with continuous updates, you can see where your drivers are and how their day is progressing, along with any challenges they have reported.

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TRU On-Time

Improve your customers’ experience by giving your customers visibility of their orders, complete with live tracking and estimated arrival times. Helping to reduce the impact on Customer Services and improve your competitiveness

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TRU Assist

Link your customer service team with your transport department with real-time data feeds from your logistical data repository, giving them clear visibility of your planned daily jobs.

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Roadnet Info Center

Roadnet Info Center records routes, deliveries, signatures, times and distances, building up a picture over time to show you what you’re doing right – and where things are going wrong.

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