Partnership with Mobile Hardware Provider – M3 Mobile

Partnership with Mobile Hardware Provider – M3 Mobile

The team at TRU have chosen to partner with M3 Mobile. A global leader in the design and build of high quality handheld devices, M3 specialise in PDA’s for remote workers in industries such as logistics, retail, healthcare and construction.

Established in 2000 with headquarters in South Korea, M3 have gone on to secure clients such as Coca-Cola, Carrefour, Nestle and Unilever. They have recently secured and deployed a 300,000 device deal with the Chinese Post, one of the world’s largest handheld device deployments last year.

TRU chose to partner with M3 not just because of their impressive client base but because of a shared ethos towards business culture, innovation, and continuous improvement. It was also made clear to the team at TRU that M3 Mobile have a product portfolio that exceeds (in terms of quality) today’s current market offerings.

As an M3 Platinum Partner, the team at TRU have the ability to present to the market an additional offering within our order delivery platform series.

Product range types include:

  • Standard – slim and light
  • Smart – compact and mobile
  • Ultra – super tough, great functionality
  • RFID – rugged radio frequency
  • Identification readers

Hardware features include:

  • Bluetooth technology
  • Laser scanners and images
  • RFID (all frequencies)
  • GPS tracking
  • 4G connectivity
  • Touch screen
  • Windows and Android operating systems
  • Camera + flash
  • QWERTY or alphanumeric keypads

By partnering with M3 Mobile, TRU can provide clients with the following support for their M3 hardware devices:

A dedicated M3 Mobile workshop for repairs, maintenance and warranties

Access to an integrated web portal with booking facilities for client hardware repairs and maintenance

Access to online useful information and receive premium pre and pro care services

Fast technical support – clients are guaranteed a feedback or solution to a problem within 24 hours

Access to a range of service packages that prove to be cost effective and time saving

With full support from M3 Mobile, TRU clients are now guaranteed a single point of contact with the same service provider from start to finish for ALL transport management needs.

Our application TRU Mobile has been designed to be implemented very quickly in to your company’s infrastructure, the M3 Black adds to this success,  so enabling fast return on investment and giving your customers the service they need today.

For more information on M3 mobile hardware, please contact us. Additionally, you can also find out more about TRU Mobile.

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