12% Reduction In Mileage And 83.33% Reduction In Routing Time With The Team At TRU!

12% Reduction In Mileage And 83.33% Reduction In Routing Time With The Team At TRU!
Leading suppliers of pet products

Pedigree Wholesale is one of the leading suppliers of pet products and aquatic products into the independent retail sector.

We stock products which are designed for your pets, have a proven and well-established track record and offer excellent quality and value for money.

To keep our offer refreshed and current we are continually adding new and innovative products to the range. Still, 100% family owned and founded on firm family values we believe working closely with both customers and suppliers is a crucial part of our success.

Pedigree wholesale can quote all the impressive facts and figures you would expect from a significant modern-day wholesaler.

A comprehensive product offering more than 13,500 SKUs, 100,000ft² of quality warehousing and a modern fleet of 30 vehicles, what makes Pedigree stand out is its focus on people, both its own 175 employees and importantly all the staff in its 2,500 strong retail customer base.

All Pedigree staff have a passion for delivering excellence, and there is a commitment across all parts of the business to provide excellent customer service on a personal level.

With its many years of experience, the Pedigree management team are fully aware that the basic principle of getting the right products to the customer on time is a crucial factor in any wholesale company’s success.

A strategy of on-going investment in the latest industry-leading logistics technology is fundamental to maintaining its competitive advantage.

The team At TRU

Pedigree selected the team at TRU and Roadnet in 2016 to “deliver on-time-in-full”.

Over 97% of orders are delivered in full, the first time.

Additional benefits gained

  • 12% reduction in mileage
  • 7% reduction in overtime
  • 2 x reduction in the number of routes
  • 7% in new business growth
  • 83.33% reduction in routing time.

“Buy into the team at TRU you will not be disappointed in their products, solutions and service, I can share with you with great confidence that you will see a return on your investment in months”.

“We did in just six months.”

Darren Willetts, Head of Operations

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