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G&P Batteries Ltd

G & P Batteries is the UK’s leading waste battery collection and recycling company. With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, G & P has an established reputation for the safe removal of every kind of waste battery in accordance with all current legislation.

Customers include retailers under the new compliance scheme; new regulations ensure customers can return old batteries. Other customers include battery manufacturers, industrial automotive garages, electrical engineering companies, telecommunications companies, power stations, transport and rail groups, the defence industry and even the Royal Navy disposing of spent submarine batteries.

Their fleet of 21 vehicles ranging from 3.5-tonne vans to 44 tonne articulated HGVs ensures access to any site across the UK, no matter how small or complicated. Once collected, all batteries are taken to G & P’s headquarters in Darlaston, where the team sorts the batteries into their various chemistries. They are then consolidated until the optimum batch size is accumulated, before being sent to the most appropriate recycling facility.

The Challenge

Due to the strict regulations in the battery collection and disposal industry, G & P Batteries needed to be able to rely completely on their route planning and collection system – it was vital that any solution should allow them to put absolute trust inaccurate results.

G & P Batteries undergo up to 30-40 duty of care audits every year, so any system they use needs to stand up to robust testing and analysis. External auditors ensure storage, sorting and recycling comply with strict guidelines.

  • 1500 active customers
  • 22 vehicles
  • 22 daily routes

The Solution

G & P Batteries were one of TRU’s first customers and they’ve been using Roadnet since 2003. During that time, they have been delighted with the reliability, accuracy and effectiveness of the system. They use Roadnet to schedule battery collection routes to their customers in the most sensible and effective manner.

Roadnet allows them to customise settings, schedule bookings and collection times with the most effective use of their fleet of vehicles. They have found the system exceptionally easy to use. The interface allows lots of interaction, for example, one really useful feature is the ability to hover over sites in the manual pane to see full client details, collection dates and the status of each account.

The Operations team have found that the system allows them to plan multi- routine schedules and define what resources are needed to successfully meet targets. It is also highly flexible, allowing conditions to be made based on any special requirements or parameters.

G & P Batteries also use the MobileCast® vehicle tracking system, which allows them to track vehicles, monitor arrival times to fit in with clients’ specified preferred collection times and also feed back up-to-the minute information on locations and expected arrivals of drivers, without relying on texting to mobile phones.

The Roadnet system will also be used to help select potential sites for new depots, which will inevitably be needed to cope with the growing number of collections.

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