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TRU is one of the top vehicle optimisation solution companies in Europe today. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 vehicles, everything we do is geared to ensuring you can deliver the promises you make to your customers, every single day on time and in full. To find out more, chat with us today.

Why We Do What We Do

Your need the right team to deliver the right software. The team here at TRU has many years’ experience in delivering small, medium and multinational routing and scheduling software platforms around the world in many business verticals.

We understand it’s about the end-customers’ experience and what it means to all the stakeholders. Delivering a promised service on time in full, that you have promised and are able to maintain day in and day out, is critical to recurring revenue, which is fundamental to your bottom line and cash flow.

Additionally we are a partner with a leading global software company, Omnitracs Roadnet since 2003, we deliver and support their technology across Western and Eastern Europe.

Our History

It's all too easy to be scared off by change, but change is what makes things develop and progress and become better. TRU provides sophisticated transport management technology for the optimisation of logistics and business processes within forward-thinking and future-proofing enterprises. The ones that welcome change with open arms!

TRU (121 Systems Ltd) was founded in 2002. Since the company’s inception and experience with multiple routing and scheduling software solutions on a global level, its main aim has been to provide a dedicated and passionate service that specialises in the research, development, implementation and support of sophisticated transport management software solutions that ultimately result in safe, sustainable and efficient logistics processes, so enabling "On-Time-In-Full" (OTIF) service to your customers as promised by you!

We will always learn and excel. Our culture and mindset has enabled us to gain valuable insights into many industries and how their processes and transport operations work. Because of this, we have been able to assist numerous clients located across a wide variety of industry types.

2002 - 2017

2018 - ONWARDS

Our Team

Chris Sisson

Founder & Managing Director

Amanda Cusack

Finance & Payroll Manager

Andrew Wade

Application Specialist

Derek Tate

Customer Service Manager

Simon Barnes

Operations Manager

Mark Hopper

Software Developer

Matthew Ellis

Senior Software Architect

Richard Kerry

Head of Design & Development

Dr Kristian Spoerer

Software Developer

Derran Stokes

Data Protection Officer

Daniel Wilson

Software Developer

Our Vision is for all businesses to have the right technology with fewer clicks.
Our Mission is to fulfil our customer needs by mapping specific processes to technology to drive efficiency.
Our Promise: we will enable you to have the power to deliver, on time and in full, the promise you give to your customers.
Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Promise

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